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Video Poker Questions

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Jacks Or Better
Jacks Or Better Play NOW
Slotland casino proudly presents the Jacks Or Better, the most popular video poker game ever. No download needed, just open an account and start to play immediately.

Jacks Or BetterJacks Or Better

Mega Multi Hand Deuces Wild
Mega Multi Hand Deuces Wild Play NOW
In Mega Multi-Hand Deuces Wild, you play 10, 50 or 100 hands at a time. Each card you hold appears in the other hands on the screen. When you press the deal button, each hand is filled in with cards from a separate deck, but with the same card value. That means you have up to four tries to win.

Mega Multi Hand Deuces WildMega Multi Hand Deuces Wild
English Harbour CasinoEnglish Harbour Casino

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  • The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Video Poker

    Video poker looks similar to a slot machine game, but both the games are quite different. There are some similarities like you start the game by inserting a coin and pressing the start button. Then the cards appear on the screen, this is where the game gets changed from an ordinary slot machine game, as you decide which cards to hold. You have to decide your choice and you have to press the button and the word “hold” will come up on your screen above the selected cards. The main aim while playing this game is to get the best hand possible. Getting information on the Internet about video poker is very easy.

    The most frequently asked questions about Video Poker are, can we learn the rules easily, is it a difficult game to master, do we require cue cards to play the game, is it an addictive game and what should be the basic strategy to play the game better. The answers for all these questions can be found easily by researching on the Internet.

    The ranking of hands is the most important in video poker:

    Royal Flush in Video poker is the highest-ranking hand.
    Straight means 5 cards of different family but in order.
    Straight Flush means 5 cards of the same family in order (like diamond of 5,6,7,8 and 9)
    Flush means 5 cards of the same family but not in order.
    Three of a kind means 3 cards with same value but 2 cards, which are odd.
    Full House means 3 cards of same value and 2 cards of same value (5,5,5, 8 and8)

    You can play this game in a casino or online at home wearing your pajamas. If you would like to know more about video poker you can get information at various websites.